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Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements

Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements is a period of time in an enterprise or organization in another participating country, with a view of helping individuals to adapt to the requirements of the Community-wide labor market, acquiring  specific skills and improving understanding of the economic and social culture of the country concerned in the context of acquiring work experience. Students studying at associate or undergraduate programs can benefit from the program.

Placement Duration
Students who will be placed in the framework of Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements have the right to make an internship for at least 2 months or at most 12 months. For associate degrees, the duration of placement should be at least 2 weeks.

What are host institutions?
Students can be placed in;

- Enterprises,
- Training centers,
- Research centers
- Other organizations.

Students can not be placed in;
- European Union Institutions and European Union Agencies
- The institutions who implement European Union Projects and receive grant in the framework of the project
- National Diplomatic Representative Offices in the host countries

Application and Selection Process
The students are required to contact the organizations, enterprises etc. directly and individually and after they get their internship confirmation they should apply to the Office of International Affairs on the dates announced.

The applications are evaluated by a Commission assigned by the Rectorate and the results are announced on both the web page and the announcement boards.

Evaluation Criteria
Erasmus Student Mobility Evaluation Criteria are 50% CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and 50% English Proficiency Grade.

The applicants must have a CGPA of at least 2.20 out of 4.00.

Financial Support
Students have the chance to receive financial support from the European Commission for the period that they stay abroad for the program. The amount of the monthly grant allocated for the students are determined each year by the National Agency and announced in the Application Guide.

The financial support is not going to be reimbursed, it does not aim to cover all the expenses of the student; the purpose is to help the student for the additional expenses caused by the mobility. Erasmus students do not pay a separate tuition fee to their host university; however, they will cover all their living expenses themselves.

The increasing demand for Erasmus may cause deductions in the amount of the grant allocated by National Agency and the possibility for the institutions not to receive the amounts they demanded each year arises. In this case, the institution answers the additional grant call by National Agency. If the additional grant cannot be allocated, the selected students may benefit from the exchange opportunity without receiving a grant.

After being selected
The selected students have to prepare the Training Agreement and Quality Commitment document that must be approved and signed by both IUE and the host institution and submit it to the Office of International Affairs.

The students who will benefit from the EU grant provides the office with their Euro bank account details with an official document and following this, a grant agreement is formed and signed by both IUE and the student.

Upon the completion of signatures, 70% of the total grant is transferred to the student’s account.

Students carry out visa procedures by getting in touch with the embassy/ consulate of the related country.



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